Friday, February 04, 2005

Investing - Consummate your life

"Investing". I am sure there are many out there, to whom this word sounds like an unknown entity upabove in the skies, which only intellectuals can dream/get hold of. Well, this blog aims just at that - yes, to prove that investing and share markets are to serve all and make their lives better and richer.

In outline, this site will try to list the essentials: Economy, Stock market, and last but not the least, where to get started. After all, it is the responsibility of every individual to make some money not just for himself/herself but to the society as well. The "Dismal Science"(Economy) and share markets are just about to serve that purpose.

Have you heard people often debating on the subject that "Economy is not a zero sum game", or Sharemarkets and investing are not about "Gambling". Well, lets see why they are right as we go through these blogs one after another.

I am not an experienced writer, and am sure you would have definitely conceded to that by now. To maintain an open book with inquisitive readers such as you: this blog is not for any literary award nominations, just as well ;-), it just aims to break down the complex explanations offered in various text books to common terms that even a layman will be able to understand.

In all sincerity I kindly request you readers to work with me patiently(just by reading alone will do), absorb the contents, and feel free to voice your opinions / concerns /comments /error corrections so that it could benefit one and all readers of this page.

Good luck!


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